ZycloGear Men’s Sexy Underwear

briefs tanga thong see-thru jockstrap g-string

Our passion of designing unique

pouch style underwear

for men is what we do best. Our men’s underwear ranges from classic briefs, bikinis, tangas, thongs, see-thru, jockstraps, and g-strings to some unique variations designed to be different and out of this world but fun to wear. The Zyclogear underwear collection is manly sexy and sometimes erotic but they can be worn everyday or for days “when you feel like wearing” something different. They are also great for beach wear, underwear parties, club gear, or just lounging around.

Our underwear designs are for men who dare to bare the goods and wear the


– the guys who love to explore their inner self and feel good and free, the men who love to show their sexy side, the guys who love to be different – whether he’s a CEO or a construction worker – what is underneath those pants is something mysterious because there is always a sexy side of every man – whether he keeps it a secret or show it off, it’s all up to him!

Question: What Makes Our Underwear Design Different?
Answer: The most important part of the underwear – the POUCH!

All our original products are designed with the “pouch” front for the main purpose of creating the maximum bulge effect to showcase the manly package that we all want to see in a man’s body. It is noteworthy to mention that all our men’s underwear designs are original and

designed by “MEN”

– not that we dislike women designers but yes! we mean MEN who know what it is required to create a cool underwear and how good it feels to wear one. The prototype designs are actually tried and tested for a period of time and after several design modifications, it eventually becomes a wearable fashion. Our designs are

very sexy

and yet very masculine. Most of all our next generation underwear are also designed with a “low waist” to show the sexy masculine physique.

As we always say or said in the past – “If ever you are caught with your pants down, be sure you are wearing a ZycloGear because ZycloGear makes it happen”.